A Characteristic of A Good Movie

A good movie certainly can be a great entertainment to accompany you in your free time. You can watch the movie anytime you want by streaming it from a website for free like the website on http://www.juaramovie.com.

One of the characteristics of a good movie is the narration. Most films generally use linear narrations that tend to be monotonous. The opposite of this narrative is Non-Linear. Nonlinear narratives have the character of a jumping-off story and sometimes even the beginning of the film is the end of the film itself. surely this should be supported with an interesting story and plot idea. Examples of films with the non-linear narration of quality are Memento, The Prestige and 500 Days of summer.

In addition to a good narrative, most films that do not end with the Happy ending are also good, for example, The Myth and The Dark Knight as well as 50 First Kiss. In addition, movies that give unexpected endings are also generally good movies like Sixth Sense.