Carryall or Holdall

This type of bag is a bag for traveling or leisure with a model that is more modern and stylish. During a short vacation that only takes a few clothes, this bag is the right choice! Carryall has two bigger rigid handles than a briefcase handle so you can carry carryall on the shoulders. The Tote bag is another version of the briefcase with a more modern and softer appearance. This type of men’s bag is also a carry all thinner and rectangular-shaped version. The tote can be worn on the shoulder or carry with one hand. This bag is also very suitable for use by students who have to carry books, notebooks, and others. The best bag can only be found at

It looks like a briefcase with a softer side and a long rope. Satchel is often mistaken for a briefcase, but actually, the two bags are different. The difference is that satchel has a long string while the briefcase is not. Satchel is generally worn on the shoulder or back of the hip. This man bag model is almost the same as a satchel, but the shape is larger and used by way of crossed. This bag is often called a courier bag because it is usually equipped with fasteners that can be tightened so that the bag is not easily separated from the user’s body. Usually, this bag is used by students or cyclists to make it easier for them to carry goods.