Are All Fermented Products Safe for Diabetes?

In fact, not all fermented foods and products are safe for consumption. Because apparently a number of fermented foods are processed by adding a number of components that can trigger an increase in calories and sugar levels in the diet. Some yogurt and kefir products on the market have been added with additional sweeteners or sugar in order to get a taste that suits the tastes of the market. For this type of yogurt and kefir obviously, you will find pure sugar levels that can be harmful to diabetics. On the other hand, a number of fermented food products are not processed until they consume all the components of sugar and pure carbohydrates to break and change. This situation signifies in this type of fermented food you can still find components of sugar and carbohydrates that will effectively raise blood glucose levels. For that reason than you wonder about fermented foods, to get diabetes cure therapy, you can use Somann, more info .obati.diabetes.dengan.soman.

Some experts assess the mixing of sugar and fermented alcohol sugars will actually increase the risk for diabetics. Because a number of chemical components of the fermentation process will make the sugar in the fermentation food more easily absorbed and more quickly raise the levels of glycemic in the body. That is why it is important for diabetics to be more vigilant in choosing the type of fermented food provided. Basically, fermented food is safe and good for diabetics, even used to suppress the rise in blood glucose levels. Only sometimes home fermentation products will be safer than the type of fermented food products manufacturers. Because for commercial reasons, the product could have added taste and sweetener elements to make food more acceptable on the consumer’s tongue.