Things you can do with level B1 in English

The B1 English test is an English test that you need to be able to pass if you want to get a visa for naturalization or settlement as a spouse of a British citizen. For example, you can book the test on

Why the B1 level? By having the B1 English level, it is enough to allow you to interact with English speakers on a common topic. At work, people with the B1 English level should be able to read fundamental reports on well-known points and form precise messages regarding things in the field of their work. Be that as it may, the B1 level is inadequate to work fully in the work environment using English. As per CEFR’s legitimate rules, a man at level B1 in English:

– Can comprehend the fundamental purposes of clear standard contribution on things that are generally experienced in work, school, diversion, and so forth.

– Can deal with most circumstances well on the way to happen while going in the zone where the dialect is talked.

– Can produce basic associated messages on normal points or related individual interests.

– Can depict encounters and occasions, dreams, expectations, and desire, and quickly give reasons and clarifications to sentiments and plans.