Handle of Cast Iron Wok

Initially, the wok pan was created with two metal handles for ease when lifted from a traditional Chinese stove. However, now, many woks are made with a long wooden handle. This handle makes it easy to move and tilt the pan while stirring or frying. Find a high quality cast iron wok by visiting our website.

Wok sold today also many who have “helper handles” on the sides that make it easier when lifted. Wok with a round bottom follows a traditional Chinese skillet design with two small metals such as “ear” or has a single long metal or wooden handle.

Seeing more and more consumers who care low-fat cooking, many manufacturers today offer wok with a non-stick coating. How well the results used when using a nonstick wok, it all depends on the layer used and how to use it. However, in general, nonstick coatings do not work well on equipment made of carbon steel. If you want to buy a wok with a nonstick coat, try to consider the weight, because of the usual heavier.