Costs for Living in an Apartment

Today, the apartment has become a residential alternative in a big city. However, not just lifestyles that shift from “horizontal” to “vertical”, the costs of living are also different. This applies to both living in your apartment that you buy and a rented apartment such as those apartments you can find on Here is the list of costs you need to live in an apartment.

Maintenance Fee or Service Charge

In the residential area of the apartment, there is usually a swimming pool, park, lift and other shared facilities. The cost of maintenance of this facility is actually called a maintenance fee or service charge. The magnitude of the cost varies. In other words, this cost is very affordable for young people.

Parking fee

Apartment occupants who own private vehicles also have to pay parking dues. The reason, the parking provided by the developer is handed over to the third party for the sake of the parking space is arranged and safe. For parking fees are usually the apartment occupants are given a special price of about Rp 300 thousand per month.

HGB Extension Fee

If you want to buy an apartment unit, it must be familiar with the cost components of this one. The strata-title status attached to the apartment offers a residential ownership concept that is a combination of personal and shared. (Read also: Tips for Own Occupancy within Less Than Three Years for New Pairs)

The owner of the apartment will certainly have a certificate of ownership of the unit he bought. In other words, the owner has the right to own a building on land owned by another party for a maximum period of 30 years.

In addition, the owner also has the right to transfer his or her unit to another party. Usually, can be extended again for 20 years as much as two times maximum.